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Aarambam Tamil Movie Download In Utorrent [2022-Latest]




The film stars Mohan Kumar, Rambha, Bharathiraja, and Santhanam. Produced and distributed by Vamsi Movies, the film released on 1 October 2013. It became a sleeper hit. Plot The film opens with the killing of a mob of train passengers by a bloody mobster named Rama (Santhanam). Mohan Kumar plays Ajith alias Ajaikka, a loveable and honest police inspector in a remote district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. He is the only constable in the police station. One day, he receives a package containing a head of a dead man with a note that says to meet them at "Garuda" (a place on the ground floor). Ajith investigates the case and finds that the man was gunned down by the mobster. He also notices that the mob members were wearing a special bracelet with an eagle on it, which only he knows the meaning. Ajith then makes a deal with the mob boss to hand him over if he solves the case. The next day, Ajith comes to know that the mob boss's friend Renji (Bharathiraja) is visiting the next day. As Renji arrives at the airport, Ajith follows him in a car, but is discovered by Renji's goons. Ajith then destroys the car by ramming it into a truck. Renji and Ajith chase the goons until they reach a house where Renji assumes the role of a house help. Ajith, however, reveals that he is an inspector and arrests Renji. Meanwhile, a blind woman named Sethu (Bharathiraja's wife Rambha) lives with her family on the grounds of the house where Renji is lodged. She helps Renji's younger sister Aruna (Santhanam), who tries to escape from an orphanage, find a house to stay. The couple ask their neighbors to take care of Aruna, and Renji finally decides to help her. Later, he realizes that Aruna is blind. Sethu takes care of Aruna and protects her from Renji's goons. Renji thinks that Aruna is his daughter and takes her to his own house. After learning this, Ajith seeks the help of Sethu. She calls Aruna to Ajith's house. Ajith leaves with her to Renji's house. Ajith, upon arriving, is greeted by Aruna and Renji



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Aarambam Tamil Movie Download In Utorrent [2022-Latest]
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